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55 PLUS Real Estate During a Pandemic

Good News, the market experts are still predicting the months to come to be a good time to buy a home, after all, interest rates are historically low, and folks still need a place to live. This Virus has been a disturbing and a sad time, but an interesting time for us all. In my estimation, if you are buying or selling a home in a 55 Plus Community you are one of the lucky ones. Most of us in Solivita are at the end of our careers or have already retired, our high earning years are behind us, and it is time for us to start enjoying the life that we have worked so hard to achieve. The young working folks are the ones that are really taking a hit in this economy. Parents and Folks who work in the service, entertainment, hospitality, and travel sectors are struggling, and if they are working, are worried about catching the virus. In addition, we are finding that lots of clients seeking to buy in our community have recently retired and moved from large cities. These folks are looking to live in smaller, safer, and less densely populated communities. The recent number of retirees combined with the decision of folks to flee the cities is fueling the sale of property in SOLIVITA. Historically an election year slows down real estate, but in the current environment, I believe we are uniquely positioned, and our real estate values will remain strong through the election cycle and the virus.