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5 Things Everyone Over 55 Should Do In Orlando

Retirement demands the most comfortable location for living and relaxing. Orlando, Florida is considered one of the top places people 55+ tend to move to for their retirement. But what is it about Orlando that is so appealing to this group of people? The climate? Perhaps the attractions? Orlando offers so much for both retired and younger people to do to maintain an Active Lifestyle.

Did someone say golf?

Golf is a wonderful balance between stress relief, relaxation, and physical activity. Orlando is flooded with country clubs and golfing facilities to fulfill all your golfing fantasies. Several notable ones are the Bill Hill Club & Lodge, Reunion Resort, Grand Cypress Resort, and the Disney owned Golf Courses, including Osprey Ridge and Lake Buena Vista.

Museums are plentiful in Orlando with an array of options to choose.

The Trainland International Trolley and Train Museum has one of the largest G gauge model train layouts in the world. Well's Built Museum of African American History & Culture located in a historic hotel previously used in the 1920's for African Americans visiting Orlando. Many beautiful art museums are spread all throughout Orlando, including both the Morse Musuem of American Art and Mennello Museum of American Art.

Take a walk through the historical district.

Many stores, restaurants, and boutiques rest on the restored Park Avenue. A wonderful way to spend the day, shopping, eating, and enjoying the wonderful historic scenery.

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical gardens is one of the many interesting Orlando attractions.

Here, take a relaxing walk while learning about animals all over the world. For a change of scenery, the Botanical Gardens offers a relaxing and beautiful experience surrounded by flowers and a variety of birds.

Titanic The Experience is a stunning educational event.

Taking it's visitors through the in's and out's of that fateful day. It has a full-scale replication of the interior of the Titanic along with artifacts remaining from the ship. There is something for the history buff and the mildly interested individual. These things all require plenty of walking and physical activity to maintain an active lifestyle without overdoing it. Each activity has something enjoyable for those 55+.