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4 Corners Tavern

4 Corners Tavern in Champion’s Gate, a good stop for a burger, a brew, brisket, ribs, salmon, or even just a soup and a salad, plus it is only 15 minutes from our gate. Lee had a black bean burger, and I enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich with a side of coleslaw. My pulled pork sandwich was tender, juicy, and ranked up there with one of the best I have had. Cold Beer on Tap, a decent wine list, a full bar, and Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options are offered too. Great for a casual meal any time of the day, but if you are out late, 4 Corners is the perfect spot, as they have a menu for dining after 10 pm. I only let you know this as for most of Solivita our days of dining at 10 pm are over, but when the kids and grandkids visit they are up early, out all day, and just starting to think about dinner around 9 pm making 4 Corners Tavern a Good Option for you to share with them. The space is open, modern, clean, and the food is good. The wait staff was knowledgeable and attentive. Champion’s Gate is a hop, skip and a jump down Poinciana Parkway, and a fun place to dine. On separate visits, we sent our younger cousins and children there, they all returned happy, full, and shared rave reviews with us. Try this spot during the day and remember this is a great late-night spot when the kids are in town.