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Spring Cleaning: Tips To De-Clutter Your Life For A Fresh Start

As baby birds are hatching, the bees are buzzing, and the flowers are blooming, something inside of us is going to emerge as well…stress! We live in a “go, go, go” world, having little time to get done what needs to be done, let alone stopping to smell the roses. Yet, we always seem to be on the hunt for “relaxing” or “stress-relieving” methods, which, ironically, can be done with something as simple as stopping to smell the roses.

Clear schedule, clear mind. Simple.
Trick: Suss Out Time Sucks. First off, what? Time sucks are hours, minutes, or even seconds in your day that you are not using in a beneficial manner.
Challenge: For one week, take 30 minutes at the end of your day to look back on your past 16 hours or so (from when you wake, to when you lie down), and write down everything you did for that day. You will soon realize how much of your time is wasted each day on social media, television, and other mind-numbing tasks, that you could be being productive.

What’s trash, is trash. Clear your clutter.
Trick: Differentiate between Treasure and Toss-Able. The costume jewelry that your grandmother left you? Treasure. The Lisa Frank diary from 2nd grade, with poorly drawn unicorns and “I love Johnny” written all over? Toss-Able. Some items may seem like they hold tremendous value, but in all actuality, you don’t need it to remember all the good times that went with it.
Challenge: Take this scenario as a starting point. Lightning hit a tree in your yard, causing a fire, creating an enormous monster of fire and rage, leaving nothing in its wake, including your house. Thanks to amazing insurance and the support of your community, you are in a new home in no time. Now, what are the first things you will buy, apart from the necessities like clothes and a bed? These are the items will be the “Treasure”.  All else that does not fit will be the “Toss-Able”.

Clear your mind.
Trick: Control only what is possible. This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can only do what you can do, no more, no less. So why worry about things that are not even possible? It is a negative attribute that each and every one of us has, and we need to learn to let go of will not be, and focus on what will.
Challenge (Hint-it involves more writing): After you have written down all that you have done in your waking moments for the day, take the next five minutes to write down everything that you worried about that day as well. You will be shocked by two things:

  1. Just how many things you worry about in a given day
  2. How many of those things are completely irrational, and  only cause more stress

Visually seeing what it is that worries you may help with that worry, yes, but it is also going to help you stop stressing over the little things in your life that you have no control over, and consequently, freeing your mind of excess negativity.

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When is the Best Time to Buy or Sell Real Estate in Central Florida?

As the housing market begins to improve around the country, more and more people will be wondering when they should put their homes on the market. Timing is everything in real estate.

It’s important to buy and sell a house in the right year, and it’s important to choose the right time of year. When it comes to sales and resales, as well as listing a home, it’s great to put a house on the market during the springtime. The exact month may not make that much of a difference, but selling a home in late spring may be particularly advantageous.
Anyone trying to make a successful sale needs to see things from the perspective of the buyers.A number of people will be looking into central FL real estate specifically because they’re looking for a place in an area with beautiful weather.

Spring is the perfect time to attract people from New England or the Midwest that still have fresh memories of the drudgery of winter weather.

People from these areas will often schedule summer moves, regardless of whether or not they have children.

Buyers around the country are also getting the message that the present may be the time to purchase a home. Central FL real estate can offer buyers favorable price and mortgage statistics, which are going to attract plenty of attention all over the country. Many people today are still moving for the sake of trying to secure stable long-term employment. The job opportunities in Central Florida are particularly good compared to what buyers can expect to find in many other areas, particularly for people that work in healthcare or technology. People looking to change jobs and start over will often do it in the springtime as well, which is all the more reason that selling a home during the spring can be beneficial for both parties.

Tips for Using and Choosing Bold and Bright Paint Colors

Spring has sprung and I know many of us are looking for ways to bring in color and today I wanted to show you how you can add subtle pops of color in areas throughout a home.

One of the best spots in a home to dip your toes in the bold and bright waters is to paint the front door. The front door is such a great spot to try a bold color because its not a big commitment and it does so much for curb appeal (it can also be easily changed):

A great way to test out a color is to paint two poster boards using a small sample pot of color and tape them to your front door. Whenever you are test sampling a higher pigmented color, be sure and paint at least three coats on your sample board to see the true color. Once you tape your poster boards to your door, head out to your curb and see what you think.

Another easy way to add a subtle pop of color is on an accent wall somewhere in your home:

Again, a small accent wall is not a big commitment and you can change it any time. I also suggest testing out colors using poster boards to make sure you will like color. Read the full article at Remodelaholic.com

Golf, great for your health & soul!



Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy and active lifestyle is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to adopt such a lifestyle. So, what are the benefits of living an active lifestyle? There are hundreds if not thousands of different benefits that can be derived from this lifestyle. For example, it can improve one’s healthy, boost immune system as well as help drop harmful vices or habits.
For today, we look at how you can start living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Maintain a balanced diet:

Your health is determined by the type of foods that you eat. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to maintain a balanced diet everyday by consuming food that are rich in vadous nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. If possible, go for foodstuffs that are organically produced as they are more nutritious and safe as compared to foods that are grown using conventional agricultural methods.

Indulge in physical activities:

This is no doubt one of the sure ways of living an active lifestyle. Physical exercises help to ensure that your body weight does not exceed the recommended as well as strengthen body muscles and joints. Examples of physical exercises that can keep you fit include Yoga, Swimming, Jogging, Weight Lifting, Salsa and many more. Such activities can be easily available to you via active adult communities. There you will find other people who share like interests, and who will push to to help meet your goals.

Community Involvement:

Take part in various community events that are held in your locality. Some activities such as tree planting will not only flex your muscles but also furnish you with information on how to take care of the planet for the benefit of the current and future generations. Joining groups who simply do things together is important to fulfill the social and esteem needs.

Living a healthy and active lifestyle will surely revamp your energy levels in your body and boost your productivity. Being surrounded by the right environment is key to reaching a your goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

Good reasons a retirement community might be right for you

Retirement can be a very exciting time in one’s life. Being retired means that you no longer have to deal with the stress of working, finally you have escaped the rat race for good. You can just relax and do the things you couldn’t do before because you were tied down by your job. But being retired doesn’t mean that you have to become inactive.

Being Healthy: Mind & Body

A great option that many people are now deciding to explore is active adult living communities. Moving into one of these communities can be very beneficial in several ways. Being around people your same age will increase the chances that you will have things in common. This will help to keep you healthy both mentally and physically. Being active is a good way to live a happy and long life.

Make New Friends

Being in a community of likeminded people allows you to share interests. Making new friends is a great way to broaden your outlook on the world and find new exciting things to try. Living in an active adult living community is a lifestyle that is full of possibilities. Can you imagine the fun things that you and your new friends could do together? Dancing, going to dinner or to the movies and sharing hobbies are just a few of the things that people in adult communities do together.

Feel Secure

Another great reason to choose an active living community is the amount of security that it provides. The old saying that there is safety in numbers is true. In this type of community everyone looks out for one another. These tight net little communities have very low crime rates compared to a traditional neighborhood. This means that you don’t have to worry about break ins or other violent crimes as much. A sense of security is a vital part of being happy.

There are many adult living communities around the country and buying real estate is really easy and very affordable. Selling your traditional home and purchasing real estate inside of an adult community can save you lots of money. Selling your larger home and moving into a smaller unit makes perfect sense. Not only does it save you money on things like property taxes but your electric bill will be much less. Keeping a large home clean is another burden that you are not going to deal, if you move into a smaller place and it’s easy to manage.
So if you are nearing retirement, you may want to think about moving into one of these wonderful communities. Changing your lifestyle can be a fun and rewarding experience.

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How to Install Fiberglass Gutters

Spring is here! Is it time to replace your gutters?

The right gutters can give your home a nice aesthetic upgrade without sacrificing functionality and quality. These factory-molded gutters by The Fiberglass Gutter Company look just like traditional wood, but they’ll never leak, rot, or need paint.

Find out How To Install Fiberglass Gutters, and if these gutters are the right kind for you.

Spring Housing Market Shaping Up as Tale of Two Coasts

The Spring housing market is taking form and buyers and sellers should be looking at what kind of market they will be buying/selling a home in. Whether you are looking to buy/sell in a buyer’s/seller’s will determine the negotiating power you hold. Read more