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Life After Buying a Home In Kissimmee

After buying a home in Kissimmee, you probably are thinking that you have so much to learn about the area. While this is true, don’t stress, here’s what you need to know about life after buying a home in Kissimmee.

When buying a home, it is very important to understand the C&R portion of the HOA, Covenents and Restrictions. There can be governing rules that do not fit your lifestyle. They are designed for most, but don’t fit all. Pet restrictions, house painting etc. A strong HOA with good reserves in good standing is essential. When an HOA is run well, it limits the potential for increases and assessments for common area repairs, etc.

Property Taxes

In some areas in the Central Florida area, there are CDD’s, Community Development Districts. Community development districts (CDDs) are independent special-purpose units of government established to finance basic services within a development, including infrastructure construction, services and maintenance.
Common infrastructure improvements provided by CDDs include:
• drainage
• potable water
• sewerage
• roads and parks

This CDD is incorporated in your Property tax payment. Some Districts have large bonds that can increase the taxes substanitally.

Researching the grade of your local Schools when purchasing a home are very important. Their grade rating can be found online and an experienced realtor will obtain this information for you.

Florida has been improving the transit system for years. When you depend on transit, best to search within city boundaries for best transportation options. Florida is a vast state and driving is essential. Excellent roads get you around quickly, but not all areas are serviced with good public transportation that runs beyond working hours. Living in the Tourist Capital of the world, many occupations require off hours which could be a challenge in some rural locations. An experienced local agent should know the transit options. This is one of my first interview questions when I begin working with a new client.


The locals in Central Florida have many options, with the weather so conducive to outdoor activities, the options are vast. Concerts in the park, Theatre, large venues like the Amway Arena, just to name a few. Locally we have some exceptional museums. Of course, the dining in Central Florida is superb, entertainment of all sorts is at your doorstep. Golf is still a #1 favorite, with over 1480 golf courses in Florida, Central Florida hosts 8 of the top ten best courses. Tennis is a great favorite as well.

Celebrity Neighbors

Have any celebrities recently bought or sold in the area? Since this is a golf/tennis mecca, yes, it is home to many greats…..Tiger Woods, Larry Bird, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Capriati, John Travolta, David Cassidy, JC, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Shaquille O’Neal, and Dennis Rodman, just to name a few!