As of 1/12/2018 Bella Verde has:

23 Active Listings

And 4 Pending Listings (Homes Sold but not yet closed)

In 2017 Bella Verde Sold:

36 Homes

And we listed 47 Homes

We are Always Actively Working FOR and WITH All of Our Clients.  Please call (407) 641-2688, email, or text Lorraine, Lee, or any of our Agents for information on any residence or property you may want to view.  Stop by and see us at 149 Bell Tower Xing in Solivita.  We are always happy to meet with you and to answer any questions you may have.

Solivita is in Central Florida and is an Acclaimed, 55 Plus Community.

Christmas Dinner at Charley’s Steak House

Beautiful Steakhouse, reminiscent of New York Steakhouses, honestly if my eyes had been closed I would have thought I was “back in the day” dining at Peter Lugers in Brooklyn.  But my eyes were open, and Charley’s brought back Nice Memories of earlier years.  Charley’s is clean, comfortable, modern, dark, and delicious just the way you expect a Steakhouse to be.  Charley’s has multiple locations, two that are an easy drive from Solivita.

Our waiter was knowledgeable, he explained the subtle differences of each cut of beef and the flavor profiles each cut offers.  He explained the difference between Wagyu Beef and Kobe Beef and we each selected our steaks.  None of us were disappointed, from cocktails to steaks, dinner was delightful.  Our sides were equally delicious, and our service was wonderful.  Our table started with the Grilled Caesar Salad, and along with our steaks we shared Au Gratin Potatoes, Cedar Plank Cauliflower, and Jumbo Asparagus.  Charley’s is not a Tuesday Night Meal, but rather a Really Nice Meal, to be enjoyed on a Special Occasion.  

The sides were as good as the steaks, in fact the sides were so good, my sister said “next time I dine in Charley’s I am skipping the steak and just enjoying the sides.”    

Fun In Florida

We had so many events scheduled in December that we found it hard to keep track of all the events happening in and around Solivita.  We Enjoyed Scrooge the Musical at Osceola Playhouse.  This was a fun event.  Osceola Playhouse is in Kissimmee, only a short drive from Solivita, their website is and it is worth a visit.  The playhouse is a nice spot to see a show, take an art or pottery class, or volunteer and share your talents while learning some new ones.  Osceola Arts always has something going on.   You can buy a ticket for the season and see all their offerings or just purchase a ticket for one show.

We visited Gaylord Palms and experienced Christmas Around the World Ice Event, the Enchanting Light Show, the Cirque Unwrapped Show, and enjoyed the beautiful Christmas Trees at Gaylord.   We visited the Alpine Village, took pleasure in sharing dinner with family, and ended our evening with Coffee by the Firepit.   Gaylord Palms is only a few short miles from Solivita.

We took the children skating in Celebration and we watched the snowfall, Florida Style.

Solivita had a Great Holiday Kick Off to the Season with their Tree Lighting Celebration.  Later we took a golf cart ride around our community to view our neighbors brightly decorated homes and enjoyed hot chocolate on Lemon Grove Drive.  

New Year’s Eve is always fun in Solivita.  We had cocktails, attended the dinner at Mosaics where we enjoyed the company of friends while listening to music.  The Street Party was fun too, we danced the night away in the warmth of the Central Florida Weather.  I think this may have been one of the warmest New Year’s Eves in years.   Solivita poured Champagne, handed out horns and hats, dropped the ball, and began 2018 with a Great Fireworks Display.   What a Pleasure, to have well planned events in our community; nice dinners, dancing, entertainment; all easy and fun since we just hop in our Golf Cart and Go.  Which by the way, was decorated for New Year’s Eve.  

To finish a month of Celebrations, this Saturday we are going to neighbors for their Annual New Year Brunch and on Sunday we are attending Casino Night.  Oh, Monday is Trivia, the plans and events just keeps on coming.  Better look at our calendar as I know we have more planned and we do not want to miss any of it.    Come to Solivita and see for yourself how lovely life in Central Florida truly is.  We Do Live Better Here for Less.  Our neighbors and our neighborhood is active.  You can be busy or not, it is all up to you.    You can participate in planned activities or plan your own.  Spend a day on the golf course, an afternoon at the pool, or an hour playing tennis, all in your own backyard surrounded by beauty and warm weather.  

Time for a new start!

It’s a New Year, It’s a New Start.  Time to Take Action and Make 2018 The Year for YOUR New Start.  

From the Peaceful Ponds teaming with fish and gators to the beautiful birds that live in our community, and the flocks of birds that winter with us.  Sometimes, it seems that living in Florida is almost too perfect!

Driving to work this morning in Solivita I witnessed an eagle dive into the Lake on Shorehaven in search of breakfast, what a magnificent sight.  Unfortunately, the fish got away, so not so magnificent for the eagle, but certainly a Wonderful Start to my day.  That experience got me thinking back to the days when I lived up North and commuted to work in the Winter.  The traffic, the pollution, the potholes, the ice, snow and slush, and the worst part for me, finding the time to wait while the car warmed up.  

At the start of my working life it was all fun.  I enjoyed long walks in the freshly fallen snow, building of snowmen, skating on the lake in the park; I did not even mind the snow shoveling so much.  My favorite winter memories are of coming home, my cheeks rosy red and cold, and enjoying the warmth of an evening by the fire. Must admit, by the time I was rounding my late 30’s the charm of winter had worn off and Lee and I were happy to find our perfect place in the Sun.    

Call or Email Us, and we will be happy to help you Find Your Perfect Place in the Sun.


Solivita The Retirement You Dreamed Of

Rethink Retirement: Indulge In A Thrilling Active Retirement Lifestyle

Retirement doesn’t have to be sitting on the couch, watching reruns of your favorite television show. Imagine yourself looking out to a beautiful lake while painting a picture, or ceramic. Later you check out the fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength equipment. You decide you want to play a round of golf instead.

Solivita Retirement Community Boasts Accolades

Where to Retire Magazine has named Solivita one of the country’s best master-planned communities. Solivita is celebrated, admired, and with an active 55+ Community with over 4,300 acres of great natural beauty, pristine ponds, conservation, walking and biking paths for your enjoyment, it’s easy to see why.

Solivita offers 150,000 SF of fabulous amenities designed to create an active country club lifestyle. Included in the amenities are two resort style complexes; the PALMS, and the RIVERA SPA AND FITNESS CENTER. Together these complexes include outdoor and indoor heated pools, multiple hot tubs, exercise suites with aerobics studios, highly trained coaches, cardio & exercise equipment, active dance and fitness classes, and an indoor temp controlled walking track.


Throughout the community you will find lap and splash pools, multiple hot tubs, a softball diamond, tennis courts, bocce ball courts, pickle ball courts, and horseshoe pits. Solivita is the home of two championship golf courses, waterfront restaurants, a library, a sports bar, a driving range, a lake for dragon boating and kayaking, parks and a community garden. In downtown Solivita you can explore your creative side at the sculpture and ceramics studio or enjoy movie screenings, dances, concerts and theatrical productions in the 17,000 SF Starlite Ballroom. These amenities are for your enjoyment. This is the time you worked your entire life to enjoy and Solivita is the place to enjoy your time.

Holiday Time in Solivita

Holidays in Solivita and in Florida are always fun. Not the typical fun I experienced growing up.  I must admit it is hard to skate on one of our ponds or take a sleigh ride in Kissimmee, but between the decorated golf carts, the beautiful spirit of our neighbors, the Fantastic Holiday Display on Lemon Grove, and the Christmas Tree, Menorah and the Holiday Decorations downtown, the season shines brightly in Solivita.

Our friends and neighbors seem glad to see winter arrive as it heralds in months of beautiful weather as well as the Holidays. Very different from the winter darkness and dread I experienced while living in colder climates. Sure, it was fun to ski, skate, and have an occasional snowball fight, but now that I have arrived at 55+, I am glad to have traded in my Parka for a Sundress. Now the scarf I wrap around my neck can be silk instead of wool and my boots have heels and are perfect for kicking up my feet instead of kicking snow out of my path.

The Holidays in Florida are not so focused on gift giving, but rather on sharing time with friends, neighbors and family. Adopt some new traditions, decorate your lanai, enjoy some egg nog while watering your tropical plantings, or spend a day at the beach.  Having enjoyed the holidays in the cold as well as the warmth of Florida I am enjoying the time of my life in Solivita.

Hope your Holidays are Bright and Beautiful and that you have made some new Holiday Traditions of your own. Enjoy the Blessings of the Season.

What will we do with all this time: Laura and Steve

Dear Lorraine,

Lived in Massachusetts most of our life. Like most folks, worked 49 weeks a year, had weekends off, and three weeks a year we vacationed.
Now we were finally at the point in our life that we could put work behind us and enjoy our retirement. What will we do with all this time? Well the first thing we did was google homes in central Florida so that we could escape the inclement weather up north. Luckily your name came up as a top realtor. One phone call and a plane trip and you hooked up with us and “hooked us up” with a great home and community. Thank you.
We have found plenty to do in our neighborhood, as well as, in Florida. We have been busy since we got here. We love our new home, it is spacious and the weather is beautiful. We are members of a few clubs, are actively playing golf and swimming a. few times a week. Have played tennis a couple of times, but must say, it does not seem to be a good fit for us, or perhaps, we are not fit enough for tennis? Anyway, we are open to all our new life has to offer and are planning on exploring all the possibilities.
As far as our experiences in Central Florida, we have gone gator hunting in the swamps of Boggy Creek, hiking, biking, have picked oranges and strawberries, found some antiques in Lake Wales, Haines City and Dundee. Twice a month we enjoy a Wine Flight Night in downtown Kissimmee, as well as, a delicious Pizza at Broadway Pizza. We have taken a train ride and have enjoyed a fun afternoon at an Olive Oil Tasting in Mount Dora. Gone to a bailgame in Tampa, enjoyed lakeside dining at the Port and in Sebring, Florida. We have been to Palm Beach, rubbed elbows with the rich and famous at the Breakers, and have enjoyed PB&J sandwiches on the beach in Melbourne. We still have a list of dozens of places and things to do and plan to do them all.
Bottom line is, we are glad we are here, we love our home and we are not letting a moment pass us by. Florida has been good for us and so have you. Thank you for making it so. Laura and Steve


Retiring In Central Florida: Pickleball In Solivita

Imagine taking badminton, ping-pong, and tennis and put them in a bag and shake it up. What you get is pickleball. Solivita Pickleball is fun, great exercise, and a wonderful way to make friends.

Why is the game called Pickleball? In 1965 Bill Bell and Congressman Joel Pritchard invented the game in Joel’s backyard. Rumor has it, the game was named after Joel’s family dog Pickles, who would run away with the ball.

The more people that became introduced to the game the more people began playing the game. By 1972 a corporation was created around the sport and in 1976 the first world tournament was played in the state of Washington. Now Pickleball is played in all 50 states.

Solivita has a strong and active Pickleball Club. The Solivita Smashers Pickleball Club seeks to provide an opportunity for social interaction through sport and recreational activities. The annual picnic and themed games are just a small part of all that the Smashers have going on. The club travels and plays against other pickleball clubs; the game has really caught on in Florida and is one of the most popular sports to play!

Never played pickleball? No worries! When you choose to spend the best years of your life by purchasing a retirement home at Solivita, you get the benefit of having a community of wonderful people to learn from. The Smashers Pickleball Club offers clinics for newbies!

All in all, pickleball is just one of the many activities available at Solivita. The fun is waiting. Will you be joining in?