Make a Big Impact with a Small Investment

Want to freshen up the look of a room, but don’t want to spend lots of cash?  Add texture and style to your Central Florida home by adding a few beautiful pillows to your den, living room or lanai. If you have a solid sofa or solid chairs, add a delightful flower print with tassels. Pillows are available in a gorgeous array of colors. If flowers are not “your thing”, add luxurious velvet monochrome geometric design pillows to your look, or add bold black and white pillows, and make a real statement in your room. Our Central Florida discount stores have a large assortment of rich looking pillows at reasonable prices on their shelves and the right pillows really can change the look of a room. Shop around some of the discount stores for a look you love. If your furniture has a print, look for some pillows with a solid pop of color to change up your look. Experiment, because you can always return any pillow you purchase if you are not thrilled with the look.

Top Summer 2016 Home Decor Trends



Decorating With Patterns

Creating the perfect atmosphere inside your home doesn’t have to be rocket science! Try decorating with patterns to create a unique look.

Which Decorating Trends Do You Love (or Loathe) for 2014?

Of all the social media sites available, the one every homemaker should have is Pinterest. This site is great for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, and also for getting in that “creative spirit”. put out the top ten trends predicted by Better Homes & Gardens Magazine for 2014.

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