The Top Benefits Of Living In Active Adult Communities

The number of people subscribing to Active Adult Communities are on the increase. The National Association of home Builders estimates that by 2014 this type of community will cater for approximately 46 million households. Active Adult Communities offers senior citizens the opportunity to live an independent lifestyle in a unique environment. When compared to other housing options, Active Adult Communities boasts far greater benefits. Here are some benefits of Active Adult Communities.

No Stairs
As you get older, the chances of falling increase. According to the National Safety Council, 54% of all falling injuries sustained by seniors occur at home. Stairs increase the likelihood of you falling. Active Adult Communities feature single story homes which means the chances of you falling down the staircase and fracturing your limbs are drastically reduced. In addition, if you suffer from arthritis or have problems with your knees, you don’t have to endure the arduous task of climbing stairs.

Like-minded Neighbors
Because Active Adult Communities are geared towards seniors, then you do not need to worry that your neighbors will be a young married couple with screaming children or teenagers who blare loud obscene music in the absence of their parents. In Active Adult Communities there is a high probability that your neighbors will share similar interests and views. Studies have shown that living in a community of individuals who are like-minded can enhance your life and promote satisfaction and motivation.

Resort Atmosphere
Recreational facilities such as golf courses, spas, heated swimming pools, whirlpool tubs and saunas are in close proximity. The availability of these facilities as well as planned recreational activities promote a resort atmosphere and may give you the feeling that you are on permanent vacation.

No Pool or Yard Maintenance
Say goodbye to mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool as these activities are done for you. You also get the gratification of seeing well manicured grounds and meticulous, shared spaces. The best thing is you don’t have to lift a finger.

Freedom For Fun
Living in a family home can be quite restrictive because all of the maintenance requirements. Active Adult Communities gives you the freedom to do the things that you want to do. Because you make a monthly contribution to cover maintenance costs such as mowing, trimming the edges and sweeping walkways, you will have more time to do the things you like. Whether it’s swimming, playing a game of golf or doing art classes, this type of community will enable you to pursue your interests.

Active Adult Community benefits are making it a preferred option for seniors these days. This type of community enhances your lifestyle and offers you the freedom to do the things that you like.