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Summertime In Solivita Florida

Sights From Summertime In Solivita Florida Every Season in Solivita offers residents and guests something special. Summertime in Solivita Florida brings lazy afternoons at the pool, fireworks, cookouts, beautiful summer storms, and yes summer heat.

Patriotic Retirement: Living In Solivita Retirement Community

Solivita Retirement Community Determined To Be Most Patriotic Looking for yet another great reason why living in Solivita retirement community, Florida’s 4th largest active retirement community, is amazing? If you think about the two championship golf courses, countless recreation courts, spas, pools, fitness centers, and wonderful dining options, you might say, “what more could I ask for out […]

Read This Before Buying A Home In Florida

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Home in Florida Buying a home in Florida sounds like, well, vacation and it basically is. But, there is a lot you should know before buying a home in Florida paradise. It is critical you know everything you can about the residency before spending your hard-earned money and […]

First Time Home Buyers: Making The Process Enjoyable

Buying a home in central Florida is exciting, but it can also seem overwhelming for first time home buyers. Understanding the process that is involved will make it easier. There are many steps that have to be completed in order to purchase a home. Understanding what is involved can reduce stress and actually make the […]

Springtime In Solivita: Community Garden Time In Solivita!

Community Garden in Solivita – What a blast! We recently got our first plot and decided to plant some seeds. Explored the internet for seeds and stumbled upon the Burpee Seed Catalog. What a Hoot! Seeds for every fruit and vegetable. While searching for seeds we found Direct Sow Seeds. After reading and researching we […]

What’s With The Solivita® Pink Flamingos?

Have you Seen Any Solivita Pink Flamingos Lately? While driving through Solivita be on the look-out for Pink Flamingos, not the ones with feathers, but rather pink painted Flamingos planted on the front lawns in Solivita. Why are you looking for Pink Flamingos? The answer is – So that you can go to a party […]